Trademark Update: Algeria


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Algeria has acceded to the Madrid Protocol

13 August 2015

Algeria has acceded to the Madrid Protocol with effect from 31 October 2015. From then, Algeria can be designated in an International Registration and such an International Registration should have full effect in Algeria.

The official notification can be accessed here.

However, we should caution that the situation regarding International Registrations in Africa is very precarious, as many of the countries that have acceded to the Madrid Protocol or the Madrid Agreement (the two treaties that provide for International Registrations) have not amended their local laws to make provision for International Registrations. As such, the effectiveness of International Registrations in Africa is in doubt and we recommend filing national applications in these countries until such time as their local laws have been amended to provide for the recognition of International Registrations.

View more information on trade marks in Algeria and Africa on our website and please contact us if you have any questions.

By Adré Greeff, Trademark Attorney

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