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Nigeria Launches Compendium of Rulings

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Nigerian Trademarks Registry releases first-ever Compendium of Rulings.

In a letter sent to local trade mark attorneys and owners on 15 March 2019, the Nigerian Trademarks Registry has announced the release of the Compendium of Rulings of the Trademarks Tribunal. The 664-page volume contains a summary of rulings delivered by the Tribunal in opposition cases over a number of years.

This is a significant development, as it was previously quite costly to obtain copies of decisions of the Tribunal. This new Compendium will assist trade mark owners and attorneys to make practical decisions in opposition matters in Nigeria going forward, as they will be able to ascertain the likely stance to be taken by the Tribunal in a potential matter given similar facts to previously decided cases.

This, together with the Registry’s recent publication of a large number of trade mark journals, illustrates the Nigerian Registry’s dedication to the development of the protection of Intellectual Property in Nigeria and is welcomed by all stakeholders involved.

By Adré Pretorius, Trademark Attorney