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NSBC Exclusive Offer: Register your Trade Mark for R1999*

Get a professional at Von Seidels to register your trade mark for you.

A fixed fee, straightforward process and no surprises.

This exclusive offer of R1999* includes:

Registration of 1 trade mark
Filed in 1 class
Preliminary review
Availability search
All official fees

Offer ends 30 November 2013. *Terms and conditions apply, please see below.

Please contact us mentioning “NSBC Offer” to register your trade mark or for further information.


Terms and conditions

  • This offer is open to NSBC members and conference delegates for a limited time only. To qualify for this discounted rate, your enquiry must contain a reference to the ‘NSBC Offer’.
  • All amounts stated are inclusive of VAT, expenses and official fees payable to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission for recording your trade mark application.
  • This offer includes a preliminary review of your mark and cursory search of the Trade Marks Register prior to filing. It does not include a search of the Companies Register, any domain name registries or a general internet search.
  • Should the mark be deemed available for registration, this special offer relates to the filing of a single trade mark application in a single class of goods and services. Additional marks and classes will be charged at the same discounted rate while the offer is valid. All standard prosecution and registration fees are included in this special offer.
  • Notwithstanding our best efforts, Von Seidels cannot guarantee that your mark will be registered as the decision of a third party to oppose the registration of a mark; or the examiner’s discretion to cite a prior mark or object to the registration of your mark cannot be predicted with absolute certainty. In these circumstances, additional costs may be incurred. You will not however be charged for any costs of which you were not informed and that have not been approved by you. Should such obstacles become apparent, you may also withdraw or abandon the application without incurring any further charges. Filing fees will not be reimbursed when an application is withdrawn or abandoned.
  • Please note that trade marks are territorial and that registrations will only be enforceable in South Africa. Please feel free to ask us about filing your trade mark in other countries.

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