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Patent Information

International and Regional Arrangements:

  • None

Patent protection in St Helena is available only by confirmation of a United Kingdom patent or European patent validated in the United Kingdom. A application must be lodged within 3 years of grant of the UK or European (UK) patent.

Filing Requirements:

  • Power of Attorney, simply signed (required on day of filing)
  • Two certified copies of the UK patent or European (UK) patent

Examination:     None

Term of Patent:  The patent remains in force while the UK patent is in force

Renewals:  No renewal fees are payable

General Information

  • Area: Approximately 310 km2
  • Population: 7670
  • Capital: Jamestown
  • Currency: St Helena Pound
  • GDP:  $ 18 billion (2010)
  • Domain name extension: .sh
  • Languages: English (official language)
  • Exports: Fish (frozen and salt-dried skipjack, tuna); handicrafts; coffee
  • Imports:  Food; beverages; tobacco; fuel oils; animal feed; building materials; motor vehicles and parts; machinery and parts

International / Regional Conventions:

St Helena is not a member of any international agreements