IP Update: Morocco


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IP Regulations amended in Morocco

The Moroccan IP Regulations were amended on 18 December 2014 as follows:

  1. Moroccan patent applications will now undergo substantive examination and an examination fee payable at the time of entering the national phase;
  2. A publication fee is payable on grant of the application;
  3. Annuities are now only payable on grant of the application; and
  4. Provision has been made for the filing of divisional applications.  These can be filed within three months of the date of the first examination report.


Validating European patent applications in Morocco

European patent applications filed after 1 March 2015 can now also be validated in Morocco upon payment of a validation fee. European patents validated in Morocco will have the same legal effect as national patents in Morocco and will be subject to Moroccan Patent Law.  It will, however, still be possible to obtain patent protection in Morocco by filing a national patent in Morocco.

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