Forged Trademarks in Zimbabwe


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Zimbabwe clamps down on forged trademarks.

A trade mark is considered to have been forged if it has been used by a person who is not authorised to use it, or if it has been falsified by alteration, addition, effacement or otherwise. In terms of the Zimbabwe Trade Marks Act, it is a criminal offence to forge a registered trade mark. Adre Pretorius explains…

  • It is a criminal offence under Zimbabwe Trademarks Act to forge a registered trademark.
  • Woman recently convicted for forging the DStv trademark and falsely claiming that she and her colleagues were authorised MultiChoice agents.
  • As well as trademark infringement proceedings, trademark owners are advised to consider criminal actions.

Read the full article here, written for and published by World Trademark Review Daily.

By Adré Pretorius, Trademark Attorney

Forged Trademarks in Zimbabwe