Von Seidels Launches Dedicated Anti-Counterfeiting Services


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In recognition that counterfeit goods are an increasingly important concern to brand owners in South Africa, Von Seidels now offers dedicated anti-counterfeiting services.

Whilst the firm has offered brand enforcement services since its inception in 2007, in recognition that anti-counterfeiting requires a cost-effective and specialised approach, Von Seidels has streamlined the process to offer a one-stop-shop service in anti-counterfeiting matters.

Cape Town, where the firm is based, is one of the world’s busiest trade routes and is South Africa’s second biggest handler of containers after Durban. The firm’s head-quarters in Cape Town are therefore ideally positioned to have a hands-on approach to imports through Cape Town’s harbour.

According to Christophe van Zyl who champions the firm’s anti-counterfeiting services:

There is a definite need for on-the ground and specialist but cost-effective anti-counterfeiting services in Cape Town. We hope to fill that gap with our new streamlined approach to counterfeit goods and encourage businesses to visit our website to find out more about the process and the services that we can offer.”

Please do not hesitate to visit the anti-counterfeiting section or contact us should you have any queries about stopping counterfeit goods in Cape Town’s harbour.