Von Seidels Wins Awards for IP Rights, Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights


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Von Seidels wins 3 legal awards

8 September 2015

As we reach the half-way mark through 2015, Von Seidels has been internationally recognised and awarded during the 6th Annual Global Law Experts Awards in the following categories:

Patents & Trademarks Law Firm of the Year in South Africa – 2015

Intellectual Property Rights Law Firm of the Year in South Africa – 2015

Acquisition International also featured Von Seidels as a winner in their 2015 Intellectual Property Awards for:

Best in Trademarks & Copyrights in South Africa – 2015

Both recognise dedicated and experienced investors, advisers, financiers and service providers who have been selected for their expertise in their specialist field and, most crucially, nominated by their clients and peers.

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