St Helena

General Information

  • Area: Approximately 310 km2
  • Population: 7670
  • Capital: Jamestown
  • Currency: St Helena Pound
  • GDP:  $ 18 billion (2010)
  • Domain name extension: .sh
  • Languages: English (official language)
  • Exports: Fish (frozen and salt-dried skipjack, tuna); handicrafts; coffee
  • Imports:  Food; beverages; tobacco; fuel oils; animal feed; building materials; motor vehicles and parts; machinery and parts

International / Regional conventions:

St Helena is not a member of any international agreements

Trade Mark Information

International and Regional Arrangements:

Madrid Agreement:      No

Paris Union:                No

Types of Trade Marks:

Goods (based on a UK trade mark registration only)


The International Classification of Goods and Services (Nice Classification) is applied but there is no provision for services

Filing Requirements:

Particulars of Applicant (name, address and nationality)

Simply signed Power of Attorney

Certified copy of the corresponding UK registration certificate


The trade mark carries on for the duration of the UK registration (i.e 10 years)

Renewable every 10 years

Patent Information

International and Regional Arrangements:


Patent protection in St Helena is available only by confirmation of a United Kingdom patent or European patent validated in the United Kingdom. A application must be lodged within 3 years of grant of the UK or European (UK) patent.

Filing Requirements:

Power of Attorney, simply signed (required on day of filing)

Two certified copies of the UK patent or European (UK) patent

Excess Fees:
Term of Patent:
The patent remains in force while the UK patent is in force
No renewal fees are payable